HRE Series - Customized 2 meters ~ 16 meters

Laser Inspection

  • Hone Right Q.C. Department applies the laser instrument to inspect the straightness accuracy of the structural parts. Straightness Accuracy: 0.008 mm/ 3 mters.

Electronic Level Gauge

  • An electronic level gauge is applied to inspect the level accuracy of a workpiece surface.

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • The hydraulic power unit employs a powerful device, providing powerful drive for X-axis movement.

  • Smooth movement on X-axis can be ensured even at low speed.

  • The cooler enables the hydraulic oil to maintain a constant temperature for reliable operation.

Circulated Lubrication Oil Circuit

  • Lubrication oil is circulated and detected. In case of lack of oil, the machine stops automatically.

Spindle Oil Cooler

  • The spindle oil cooler allows the spindle to run at a constant temperature, reducing thermal deformation of the spindle to a minimum.


Standard Accessories

  • Grinding wheel balancing stand
  • Grinding wheel balancing arbor for main spindle
  • Grinding wheel balancing arbor for sub-spindle
  • Wheel flange for main spindle x 2 sets
  • Wheel flange for sub-spindle x 2 sets
  • Bottom grinding wheel flange for sub-spindle x 2 sets
  • Wheel flange extractor
  • Wheel lifting tool for main spindle
  • Standard grinding wheel (Ø610 x 70 x 203) for main spindle x 1 pce
  • 50° grinding wheel (Ø405 x 60 x 127) for sub-spindle x 1 pce
  • Bottom grinding wheel (Ø205 x 50 x 127) for sub-spindle x 1 pce
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Circulated cooling temperature display
  • Diamond dresser x 2 pcs / set
  • Standard magnetic base x 2 pcs
  • Stainless steel operation box
  • Foundation drawing
  • Foundation bolts, leveling bolts and leveling blocks x 1 set
  • Electric wiring diagram
  • Operation manual
  • Tool box

Optional Accessories

  • Spare main spindle assembly
  • Spare sub-spindle assembly
  • Spare wheel flange for main spindle
  • Spare wheel flange for sub-spindle
  • Spare bottom grinding wheel flange for sub-spindle
  • Auto dresser
  • Semi-enclosed stainless steel guard
  • Specified machine color
  • Magnetic filter
  • Pedals on both sides of table